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Zordan (Microbial Culture)

Zordan 100 % Natural and non toxic microbial culture Increases the microbial population and enhances the decompositions of organic matter as well as provide nutrients for plant growth. A Soil rich in microbial actives makes it more fertile. Soil strength increases due to increases in humus contents in soil. The nutrient material or minerals ready available to the plants whenever required. Repeated use decrease the use of chemical fertilizers

Fostered with rich industry experience and a highly experienced team of vendors' professionals, we are offering Bactericide. The offered bactericide is a multi-site inhibitor that kills bacteria at infection sites. Our provided bactericide is processed using quality tested chemical compounds and ultra-modern technology in sync with industry norms. Apart from this, offered bactericide is tested on different parameters by quality examiners.

  • Accurate composition
  • Long shelf life
  • Reduce flower dropping & fruit dropping
Product Category Bactericide, Certified Organic
Formulation Type Soluble Liquid (SL)
Application Foliar & Drip
Main Target Pest Diseases caused by genera Erwinia, Pectobacterium, Pantoea, Agrobacterium, Pseudomonas, Ralstonia, Burkholderia, Acidovorax, Xanthomonas, Clavibacter, Streptomyces, Xylella, Spiroplasma, and Phytoplasma.(Angular leaf spot, Bacterial blight, Bacterial leaf spot, Canker wide range of blights, mildews, rots, blotches and spots etc)
Active Ingredient (a.i) Garlic Oil
Mode of action Bacterimax enters the plant through the stomatal opening and is translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles. Bacterimax is a multi-site inhibitor with a broad spectrum of activity that kills bacteria at infection sites. This activity makes it difficult for bacteria to develop a resistance.
Unique Feature Protectant bactericide
• Suppresses fire blight in apples and pears
• Provides 3-4 days of dependable protection
• Active ingredient is natural Allicin
• Easy on plants and animals
• Compatible with most pesticides
Bacterimax is extremely active against phytopathogenic bacteria and effectively controls various bacterial diseases of different crop. It is recommended both as prophylactic as well as curative.
Bacterimax is a tough breed bacteria deterrent of toughest bacteria.
Compatibility May be tank mixed with commonly used fungicides and insecticides
Recommendation 200 -250 ml / acre ; repeat after 11-12 days
Main crops Cereals, pulses & legumes, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, fodder, fiber, flowers, green house, forestry etc. to non-crop spectrum of lawns, indoor plants, golf turf, etc.
Main customer benefits Helps to manage the resistant problems
Resists bad weather conditions - stays longer
Rapid penetration in the plant, even on waxy plant surfaces
Rainfall after 4 hours of application, has little impact on its efficacy
Phyto-tonic effect

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Zordan (Microbial Culture)

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