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Seaweed Liquid Zyme (Lx-Spring)

Lx-Spring is a revolutionary research in Biotec which is extracted from Atlantic Seaweed (Ascophyllumnodusum) by Novel formulation Technique and Zymosis process at the ultramodern R D center to give maximum output.

  • Releases rich vital elements and Natural stimulants : Faster absorption and assimilation of nutrients by plant. 
  • Improves Fertilizer Use Efficiency (FUE) : Increases fertilizer uptake.
  • Nourishment: Organic bio growth stimulants acts as a catalyst for plant metabolism : Brings about Vigor which has tremendous effect on seed germination, vigorous Root development and profuse branching
  • Safety: Induced Resistance Development (IRD): Decreases the Susceptibility of plants to diseases, pests and increases Stress tolerance capability against Drought and Frost.
Soil Improvement: 
  • Acts as a substrate for Beneficial micro organisms : Increases the population of micro-organisms thereby enhancing their activity which improves the soil health and fertility. 
  • Helps in constructing Mineralized Soil : Replenishes the supply of trace elements and helps to increase theSoil Energy.Time of Application:

The suggested stages of Lx-Spring application are as follows:

  • Vegetative development stage.
  • Pre flowering stage.
  • Crop development and maturity stage.

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Seaweed Liquid Zyme (Lx-Spring)

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