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Organic Pesticides

Healthy immune system protects from any outside attack of Larvaes, white fly,worms, jassids, thrips and Mites and other insects. innovative product which can support the power of immune system of the plants so plant itself can fight against the small outside attack. Able to stop birthing system of insects by coating of their upper skin. Able to support & protect from outside attack and save our crop & plants.

Aura (Organic Pest Control)

Aura is a 100% Natural/Organic Product which is containing Herbal extract and Oil of Medicinal Plants. Use of Aura will lead to kill and Control for all type of Sucking Pest and insect pest for all agriculture crops.

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Superior Green (Agricultural Pesticides)

Superior Green is a product based Advanced Bio technology research containing highly specialized Bio derivatives in the appropriate scientific concentration which gives the excellent action for Green Jesides insect pest in all agriculture crops.

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