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Humic Acid Liquid (Humizon Plus)

We are counted as one amongst the supreme Humic Acid Manufacturers in India. The Liquid Humic Acid is manufactured using optimum quality ingredients and advanced processing techniques. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance ensures availability of no alternative in the market. The Organic Humic Acid is also available in varied grades confirming to the requirements of the applications. Moreover, the range of the Humic Acid includes the below mentioned:

  • Humizonplus Humic Acid 12%
  • Humizonplus Humic Cotton Special
  • Humizonplus Humic Soyabean Special 

Humizonplus is a product based on Humic Acid. It is in the liquid water soluble form. In Bio-degradation of plants and animals in soil humus is form. The humus from soil is collected in the form of humic acid. In Humizonplus humic acid is 12%. Humizonplus is plant stimulant can be used in soil as well as in foliar application. If it is used with nutrients it acts as chelating agents and it improve the activity of micro- nutrients. Humizonplus activates the auxins, amino acids and organic phosphorous. It improves the soil electrical conductivity.

By the use of Humizonplus white roots development of plant increases. Roots gets deep penetrates in soil. It makes the soil porous, which improves the water holding capacity of soil. It dissolves the salts deposited in drip irrigation pipes. It is seen that germination power of seeds is increased when Humizonplus is used for seed treatment. Humizonplus can be used for all type of cereals, fruit crops and floriculture. 

Now Humizonplus is also in special form for special crops like Soybean and cotton special. 

  • Spraying: 0.5 to 1 ml per litter of water at the time of flowering, bearing and fruit maturity.
  • Seed Treatment: 5 to 10 ml per Kg. of seed.
  • Seedling Treatment: 2 ml per Kg. of seed.
  • Drip Irrigation: 2 lit per acre per month.

Packaging: Available in 500 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit, 20 lit, 50 lit, 200 lit HDPE Bottles/Drums.

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Humic Acid Liquid (Humizon Plus)

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